THE HISTORY OF STRONGBOW CIDER has its roots in the UK, originally produced by H.P.Bulmer in England in 1962. Strongbow was the name given to Richard de Clare, one of England’s greatest knights of the 12th century. De Clare was the 2nd Earl of Pembroke, but was primarily known for his association with Dublin, Ireland. Dermont McMurrough, the King of Leinster, called on de Clare to help him defend his title against other Irish Kings. De Clare’s army drove invaders from Dermont’s territory. He was nicknamed ‘Strongbow’ for relying heavily on archers during these campaigns. The arrow of Strongbow is still lodged in the trunk of the Strongbow apple tree you can see on the label today.

Strongbow cider arrived in Australia on 19 February 1970 and has remained one of Australia’s leading ciders ever since. Apples are seasonal and their flavour fades over time. So Strongbow uses apple juice concentrate, made from apple juice, to ensure year-round consistency of flavour.

Strongbow has a range of six ciders with varying taste profiles to choose from. From Sweet to Lower Carb, there is something for any moment, mood or momentous occasion

  • Blossom Rosé
  • Classic Apple 
  • Lower Carb 
  • Sweet Apple 
  • Crisp Apple 
  • Classic Pear